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vBase is a platform for creating auditable provenance information for data and digital objects.

vBase allows anyone to credibly show others not just the current state of their data, but how and when it came to be that way. 

Auditable provenance can be very useful in a variety of applications. The vBase tools are general purpose and can be used by anyone who would find auditable provenance for their data useful.

vBase allows anyone to show the authenticity of their data objects, and to prove their provenance to 3rd parties. 

A few areas where this is useful include: 

  • Financial data
  • Digital credentials
  • Journalism and digital media
  • Academic research
  • Medical trials
  • Deepfake AI

Provenance is information about where and when data originates. It is a form of  metadata.

The vBase platform allows for the auditable recording of the following provenance information: 

  • What was the data
  • When did it exist
  • Who published it
  • Any additional user-defined attributes or labels

vBase allows this provenance information to be immutably recorded, timestamped, and later verified easily and scalably.

When you meet someone, it often helps to understand where they’re from, their occupation, their age and other characteristics about them that may not be immediately observable. Data works the same way.

For data to be credible, it’s often necessary to know where it came from, when it was created and what set of data it belongs to. 

For example, a bridge inspection report isn’t very useful if you aren’t sure in which year it was created. Similarly a financial model is only meaningful if you can be sure it wasn’t created after the stock market results were known. 

vBase is a modern, blockchain-based data provenance platform. It can be used to create and validate tamper-proof timestamps in a scalable, secure way . 

A few examples: 

  • Create provably point-in-time data and predictions
  • Establish authenticity of images and videos
  • Manage document reconciliation and auditable long-term storage
  • Create 3rd party verifiable research data
  • Comply auditably with data retention requirements

vBase enables the recording of digital object provenance by helping anyone publish and verify digital object fingerprint information on permanent and open storage media like IPFS, distributed ledgers and blockchains.  

For more information, please visit our technical docs page. 

vBase has a variety of advantages relative to traditional methods of recording provenance. 

  • Auditably tamper-proof – provenance information is globally trustworthy once it’s created because it comes about via a verifiably tamper-proof process
  • Strong privacy guarantee – vBase never sees your data
  • Long-term valid – even if vBase disappears, your provenance information can be easily validated practically forever
  • Extremely convenient – provenance information sits separately from underlying data meaning you don’t have to move your data, and the process of creating and validating provenance information scales easily in a platform-agnostic fashion
  • No walled garden – vBase provenance metadata can be created and validated with open 3rd party tools. vBase is just an easy button to make the process easier

If you’re technically inclined, feel free to check out our docs and our public code repositories.

To speak to us, contact us via

With a free vBase account, you can make up to 500 provenance commitments (vStamps) for free. 

If you use up the free tier, you can buy additional 250-packs of stamps for $50. 

We also offer discounts for enterprise scale use. Please contact for more information. 

The v is for validity. vBase is a base for valid and trusted communication about data and digital objects over the internet

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