validityBase for Quant Research

Establish credibility faster.

Universally Trustworthy. Easy to use.

Integrates easily with any environment

Establishing credibility for quantitative research is difficult.
A few ways vBase can help:

Show anyone when you created a backtest or algorithm, making subsequent results out-of-sample.

vBase allows you to immutably timestamp your research by creating and publishing digital signatures to a distributed ledger. Both the stamping and validation processes are seamless and tailored to the quant research arena. 

Create an auditable paper trading record as trustworthy to 3rd parties as a commercial index

vBase cryptographically notarizes paper trading results. You no longer need to pay $1000s for a commercial index or an audit to make your strategy returns trustworthy and verifiable. 

Eliminate questions of survivorship bias and cherry-picking.

Link your digital identity with your research data. This link can be used to credibly show whether you ran 100 backtests or 100,000,000, as well as how your research approach evolved over time. 

Retain full privacy and control over your data.

vBase operates using digital signatures, which are fully encrypted fingerprints of your underlying records. We need never see the underlying data or know its contents.