validityBasefor Track Records

Make your investment track record credible.

Universally Trustworthy. Easy to use.
Showcase your performance.

    A proven track record is worth its weight in gold.
    A few ways vBase can help:
    Make your track record credible

    vBase allows managers to record investment decisions immutably.

    This creates a fully verifiable track record that managers can share with clients and counterparties.

    Make your track record portable

    Many managers lose track record continuity when they switch brokers or custodians, or lose an SMA client.

    With vBase, a track record continues uninterrupted through natural business changes.

    Moreover, even if vBase disappears, you can still validate your track record and stamp new verifiable records.

    Eliminate questions of survivorship bias and cherry-picking

    Allocators are rightly suspicious when they see track records because they don’t know if they’re seeing the best of 1000 attempts.

    vBase allows you to link your digital identity with your track record. This can be used to credibly show whether you ran 1000s of strategies or just one.

    Retain full privacy and control over your data

    Using digital signatures, vBase need never see the underlying trades to make them fully verifiable. Your track record remains yours forever.

    Build credible track records even in markets you can't access

    You may not have the capital, infrastructure, or market access to establish a live record for certain strategies.

    vBase creates a credible track record for any asset in any market, even if you don’t have direct trading access.

    Replace costly audits and indices

    Save yourself tens of thousands by replacing commercial indices or audits with our digital stamping technology.